Library offers services for all KTU members: students, researchers and other members as well as library guests. All KTU members can use equipment in the libraries, book group work rooms, order books, register for consultations and excursions.


Lending services

Lending Services

  • The University Library is the most important resource of information needed for studies and research. There are six libraries within KTU, situated in the city centre and in the main campus.
  • All KTU libraries are open to the public. The rules and regulations of the University Library apply to the library visitor/user according to his/her status: a student, a University employee or a member of general public.

The Student Card

  • The Lithuanian Student Identity Cards (LSIC) and the International Student Identity Cards (ISIC) (hereinafter — Student Card) can be used as library cards for the students. All other library users are required to present a passport or a (personal) identity card. The Student Card is a valid document. Borrowers are responsible for all the loans made with their Student Card until the loans are returned. The loss of the Student‘s Card must be reported immediately to the University Library, and the Student Card will then be blocked.
  • All borrowers must use their Student Card/Identity Card each time a loan is made.

Loans and Reservations

  • Most of the latest (recent) items are freely accessible on open shelves. University students and employees can borrow (or book for later usage) books and other items from the library collection. Before borrowing, users have to order items from the Library catalogue or book them at KTU virtual library. Loans should be registered at the information desk. Borrowers must treat the property of the Library with care and protect it from damage.

Loan Period

  • The loan period for the course books is from 7 days to 6 months.
  • For other items it may range from 1 to 30 days.
  • All borrowed items must be returned before the end of the loan period. Knowing when the Library items are due, and returning or renewing the loans on time, is the borrower’s responsibility.

Renewal of Loans

  • Renewal of loans may be made if the item has not been reserved by another person and your debt does not exceed 5 EUR.
  • Renewals can be made via the catalogue or KTU virtual library homepage; you can also renew your loan by phoning or visiting your nearest library information desk.

Items not to be borrowed

  • Items which may not be borrowed from the Library are: reference literature, journals, daily newspapers, official statistics, dissertations and their summaries, old items and literature which is necessary for study and research in the library.

Overdue Items (loans)

  • When the loan period has ended you will receive an e-mail from the Library suggesting that you either renew or return the loan. If you fail to do this you will be charged a fee of 0,10 EUR per day for one overdue item.
  • For payment voucher please phone, e-mail or visit your nearest library information desk. Students may also ask the Library to form the payment voucher via AIS (Academic Information System).

Interlibrary Loan Services

  • Researchers and students can request interlibrary loan of the material that is not held at any library of the University.
  • All interlibrary loans are fee-based. Users should cover sending expenses.
  • You can make interlibrary loan request at the Central Library by e-mail

Closing library account

In accordance with the Rector’s order No. A-101 issued on 18 March 2013, all the students who are about to graduate from the University or to terminate their studies have to close their library account: to return all the borrowed items, to replace lost items and to pay fines if there are any. Students can close their library account by logging into the Academic Information System (AIS).
Login to the AIS:
-in the section Settlement with the university click on Details
-confirm that you are not going to borrow any other books
Then your status Active will be changed into Settled and you do not need to visit the Library in person to close your account.


  • Knowing when the library items are due and returning items on time is the borrower’s responsibility.
  • Any borrower who does not return his/her loan on time will be suspended from the Library and will be liable to pay compensation. Suspension ceases when the items are returned and/or all debts to the library are settled.
  • Borrower, upon losing or irreparably damaging the item, will have to replace it with a new copy of the exact book or an equivalent item, approved by the Library from the included list. Before repurchasing the book you should consult with the library from which you borrowed the item.
  • All graduating students (before diploma awards or termination of their studies) as well as all employees who have terminated the employment contract or left for a long-term internship or vacation are required to return the borrowed items or to pay for the lost ones.
  • Students can check their current status with the library in KTU Academic Information System (AIS). The process is explained in short guide. When the settlement with the Library is confirmed in the AIS, coming to the Library is not required.

Group working rooms

Members of KTU community can book Library group work rooms here. In order to book a room, use the KTU Single Sign-On system.

Central Library

203a, 203, 204, 206 rooms


Chemical Technology Library

217 room


Informatics Library

1, 2 rooms

grupiu darbo kambarys1

Mechanical Engineering and Design Library

435 room


Civil Engineering and Architecture Library

130 room


Self-service copying and printing

  • Photocopying with self-service photocopiers and printing from the library computers are charged at 0,04 EUR per sheet.
  • Photocopying with self-service photocopiers and printing in color from the library computers are charged at 0,29 EUR per sheet.
  • Scanning of documents is charged at 0,02 EUR per sheet.
  • Price of A3 format sheet doubles.

Instructions for using the self-service copying, printing and scanning system.


For students with special needs

Adjustable tables and chairs for readers who have movement disabilities are located in every Library of Kaunas University of Technology. In addition, specialized computer mice and keyboards for readers who have kinetic disabilities can be found in every library.

For more detailed information, please contact your local library.

The SARA CE (Scanning and Reading Appliance, Camera Edition) is the next-generation self-contained scanning and reading appliance for the blind and those with low vision:

  • Central Library, Room 206

SuperNova software for readers with vision impairment:

  • Central Library Reading Room on computer no. 15

Video magnifier Topaz XL XD 24′ for readers with vision impairment:

  • Silent Reading Room in the Central Library
  • Chemical Technology Library, Room 221
  • Informatics Library
  • Mechanical Engineering and Design Library

Work space equipped with Braille printer ViewPlus COLUMBIA and TSS software for readers who have vision disability:

  • Informatics Library

KTU Alumni

Information resources in the Library

Graduates are registered and can use library services after providing a valid passport or an identity card.

Graduates can use resources stored in the reading rooms and stock, subscribed databases (only in the Library). Items and documents can not be borrowed for reading at home.

Services for users are provided according to Description of Procedure for Use of Library Services at Kaunas University of Technology and Rules for Use of Rare Publications.

Library events

KTU Alumni are welcome to participate in training sessions, conferences and other events organized in the Library. Training courses schedule.

Unique Library Treasures Tour

The Library of Kaunas University of Technology has many early printed books – incunabula – and quite a few interesting items from famous personalities’ and manors’ libraries. KTU graduates can see cultural heritage and get acquainted with the rich history of the Library while taking part in the Tour, which should be booked in advance.



Excursions are organized in Central Library (Gedimino st. 50).

Unique library treasures
Duration: 45 min.
In excursion, you will hear the history how Library was established, visit book stocks, see the oldest book preserved in Kaunas libraries, the oldest printed books – incunabulum, library fragments, which belonged to famous people or manors.

If you are interested, please fill the form below or contact:

Register for Excursion

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Vilija Dzingienė

Head of Information Services Department

Gedimino g. 50-127, Kaunas
phone: +370 (37) 300 659

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