Frequently asked questions

General information

Library services are available for all members of the academic community at KTU who have a valid Lithuanian Student Identity Card (LSIC), employee ID card, personal identity card or passport. Other visitors who want to use the Library services should register at the Information Desk at the Central Library or at Faculty Libraries. Please see for more information.

If you have lost your ID card or passport, please notify the Reader Services immediately about the loss by e-mail or telephone at (8-37) 300 655. If this information is not provided, the account holder is held responsible for all actions related to the account, including failure to return borrowed books.

Central Library opening times during summer:
8:00–17:00 Monday to Thursday
8:00–15:45 on Friday

Before public holidays the Library closes one hour earlier.

The Library is closed for visitors on every last working day of the month from 8:00 to 12:00 (except in April, May, October and November). On these days it provides services after 12:00, as the first part of the day is devoted for the revision of stacks and computers.

Yes, but no longer according to KTU community member status or rights. Please see for more information.

Please visit the Central Library or contact Birutė Vailenkienė by e-mail at

Copies of the publications should be brought to the Research Information Services (Central Library, Gedimino Street 50, Room 123). If you have questions about uploading your publications, please contact Rita Jašmontienė at or Edita Ražanskaitė at

Self-service multifunctional photocopiers are in the Reading Room of the Central Library and in the Reading Rooms of every Faculty. The price of photocopying or printing is 0,04 EUR per A4 sheet and 0,02 EUR for scanning.

The premises of the Central Library (Gedimino Street 50) and the Faculty of Informatics Library (Studentų Street 50) are adjusted for people with movement disabilities.

All the e-mail messages sent by the Library can be found on KTU e-mail system The KTU e-mail system provides a possibility to forward messages to your personal e-mail. A preview of the messages is available on Office 365 e-mail system.

Computers for group or individual work and internet are available for all members of the academic community.


Central Library

Gedimino st. 50
phone: +370 (37) 300 655

Library catalogue and e-resources

All the information about the documents in the Library’s storage can be found in the Library Catalogue and KTU Virtual Library.

In the Catalogue, please select Other resources and then KTU STUDY MODULES LITERATURE:
–    type a word or a phrase in the search field (for example, module code (H130B010)
–    select the criterion in the search field
–    click Search

Yes, the results can be sorted into main and additional literature.

In the Catalogue please choose Other resources and then Lithuanian Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD).

In KTU Virtual Library you can find all information resources from KTU Library Catalogue, Science Publications, subscribed databases and open access databases. In the Library Catalogue section you can order items, extend the loan period of an item, add comments to resources, upload search results and submitted enquiries into a personalized electronic shelf.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Library by e-mail biblioteka@ktu.ltSkype or telephone: (8-37) 300 655.

Yes, it is possible. E-resources from home computers can be accessed via VPN (Virtual Private Network) and KTU Virtual Library. Using remote access and KTU Virtual Library there is no need to install software (as for VPN). KTU community members can login using their single sign-on.

Book searching and ordering

Yes, it is possible. You may login to the Library Catalogue from any computer at any time.

Information is sent by e-mail (KTU e-mail system In addition, information is provided in the Catalogue > My account >Activities>Order items or by telephone (8-37) 300 655.

If the column Due date is empty, a book is available. If the date is indicated, a book is borrowed by other readers until the indicated date. You can put this book on hold.

Please fill in the period of your order (period when a book is necessary). A message about processed order will be sent to your KTU e-mail.

Book excerpts can be scanned/photographed/copied. The university teachers, researchers and PhD students may borrow books from the reading room for 3 days. Please see for more information.

Please search for it in KTU Virtual Library. You will receive search results not only from KTU Library Catalogue and databases but also other information resources.

This is a paid service available only to the University academic community members. Please, place your requests by e-mail at:

Lending services

Yes, it is possible. Books are lent if a person provides a personal identity card or a passport.

-Lithuanian dissertations and dissertation summaries;
-electronic documents (on data storage devices)
-rare books

You can receive the items at the library where they are being stored (please ask at the Information Desk in the Central Library or in Faculty Libraries). The orders are kept on the shelf for three days.

From one day to one semester.

Up to 20 books can be borrowed.

Yes, it is. At the time of placing your order, please pay attention in which library the book is being stored.

You can extend the loan period of a book online, by email, telephone or in the library:
•    Library>Catalogue>Login>My account
•    Library>KTU Virtual Library>Login>My account
•    e-mail
•    phone (8-37) 300 655
•    in the library

The number of extension periods is not restricted, unless you have penalties (your debt cannot exceed 2 EUR) or a book has been placed on hold by another user.

Yes, as identity card is not necessary to return a book to the Library.

Searching for items, standards, e-resources and other documents

Course papers and Bachelor theses are kept in the related academic departments. Master’s thesis, PhD theses and summaries are registered in the DB Lithuanian Electronic Thesis and Dissertations (ETD), and available on the internet at

The periodicals of the current year can be found in the Reading Room of the Central Library or in Faculty Libraries’ reading rooms. Other items are kept in the closed stack. You can find the information about the location of periodicals in the Catalogue and KTU Virtual Library.

Please search in the Catalogue>KTU standards or KTU Virtual Library.

Please search in the Catalogue>KTU rare books; a search on rare periodicals can be performed in the Catalogue>KTU serials. Items can also be found in KTU Virtual Library. If you cannot find an item, please contact the Rare Publications Group (Gedimino Street 50, Room 125).

Yes, it does. They can be found in the Library CatalogueKTU Virtual Library and the Library homepage at the link eResources.

Searching for articles

Research articles can be found in journals kept in the Library, in KTU Science Publication database, subscribed databases and KTU Virtual Library.

They can be found in the Catalogue (please select KTU Science Publications), in KTU Virtual Library (please select All Library Resources-KTU Science Publications). Select an article, note the title of the journal it was published in and search for it in the Library Catalogue. If you cannot find an article in the Catalogue, write down the article Entry Number XXXXXX. A copy of the article is kept in the Central Library (Gedimino Street 50, Room 123).


The information about the subscribed databases is accessible on the Library homepage, please select eResources.

The content of the subscribed databases is available for all the members of the university community and to the registered Library users.

The members of the University community may access the subscribed databases from home via VPN (Virtual Private Network) and EZproxy. EZproxy is integrated into KTU Virtual Library. The access to EZproxy service is available by using a single sign-on.

Access to these databases is a free trial access to get acquainted with the content of a database.

Advice will be provided in all the Faculty Libraries. For more information about the databases you are welcome to contact the Information Services at the Central Library (Gedimino Street 50, Room 124.), also by telephone (8-37) 300 656.

Before you graduate from KTU

In accordance with the Rector’s order No. A-101 issued on 18 March 2013, all the students who are about to graduate from the University or to terminate their studies have to close their library account: to return all the borrowed items, to replace lost items and to pay fines if there are any. Students can close their library account by logging into the Academic Information System (AIS).
Login to the AIS:
-in the section Settlement with the university click on Details
-confirm that you are not going to borrow any other books
Then your status Active will be changed into Settled and you do not need to visit the Library in person to close your account.

Yes, this procedure is applicable to all students.

The user should pay a fine for each book which was not returned on time (in accordance with Rector‘s order No. A-248 of May 18, 2017) for each delayed day 0,10 EUR- for items from the closed stack and 0,30 EUR for items from the open stack.
Note: Items from the open stack (reading rooms) are lent only for teachers, researchers and PhD students. The amount to be paid should be checked in the Library. Payment is accepted by cash or by internet banking services. The information about payment will be transferred to the Library in several days. Therefore, users who want the fine to be eliminated instantly should provide a payment confirmation document. It can also be e-mailed at

In case a book has been lost or damaged irreparably, you have to replace it by a copy of the same item or an equivalent book, selecting from the list of recommended books. Before replacing a lost book, please consult with the Library you have borrowed it from.

Settlement with Library for books which were not returned on time (fine) order of voucher in AIS instruction for employees.
Settlement with Library for books which were not returned on time (fine) order of voucher in AIS instruction for students.

An invoice is uploaded to the Academic Information System, for employees – at the section Payments, for students – Outstanding Payments > All payments. Detailed invoice information can be viewed in MS Word or HTMF.

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