SAGE Researcher Webinar Series: How to Get Published

Important | 2022-06-08

SAGE is launching a new series of How to Get Published webinars aimed at Early Career Researchers. Each month’s webinar will focus on a different aspect of the publishing journey.

The first webinar will take place on June 22nd, we invite you to register and participate.

More information on the next seminars in this series will be announced later.

  • How to write a journal article and advice on revisions
    Date and time: 20 July (Wednesday)  
  • Mentorship and general drop-in session
    Date and time: 24 August (Wednesday)  
  • How to navigate the peer review process as an author, in honour of Peer Review Week
    Date and time: 21 September (Wednesday) 
  • Open Access and author rights, in honour of Open Access Week
    Date and time: 19 October (Wednesday)  
  • How to promote your article and increase citations
    Date and time: 16 November (Wednesday)  

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