New website: Global Civil Society Coalition Promotes Access to Knowledge

Important | 2022-10-20

EIFL is part of a global group of civil society organizations that promote access to, and use of, knowledge, known as the Access to Knowledge or A2K Coalition.

Check out the A2K Coalition’s new website with our mission statement, evidence to substantiate our claims, and concrete asks for education, research and cultural heritage. The website is available in English, French and Spanish language versions.

Access to knowledge is not enjoyed equally across the world. Crises, including the COVID-19 pandemic and the climate emergency, highlight the barriers that the current copyright system poses for those who learn, teach, research, create, preserve or seek to enjoy the world’s cultural heritage. The international copyright system has failed to keep pace with advancing technology and practices, including for digital and cross-border activities. Consequently, we have been unable to maximize the opportunities that exist to promote access to, and use of, knowledge to fulfill human rights and achieve more equitable, inclusive and sustainable societies.

Members of the A2K Coalition represent educators, researchers, students, libraries, archives, museums, other knowledge users and creative communities around the globe. Our individual missions are varied, but we all share a vision of a fair and balanced copyright system.

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