Free trial to INSPEC database

Important | 2021-02-19

KTU community members are invited to search the Inspec database  until 18th of April, 2021. To access  INSPEC login to VPN with your single sign-on login credentials. 

Inspec is the leading bibliographic database providing abstracts and indexing to the world’s scientific and technical papers in physics, electrical engineering, electronics, communications, control engineering, computing, information technology, manufacturing, production and mechanical engineering. In addition to the core subject areas, Inspec also provides significant coverage in related disciplines such as materials science, oceanography, nuclear engineering, geophysics, biomedical engineering and many more. The database offers expert indexing including thesaurus terms, free indexing, classification, treatment codes, numerical data indexing, chemical substance indexing, astronomical object indexing and IPC codes. Inspec Classification is a powerful search tool, which enables researchers to limit search to predetermined sections of the Inspec database.

Content includes 20+ million records from more than 4,500 active journals, from more than 500 different publishers, including society publishers such as IEEE, AIP, AIP and SPIE, Elsevier and Springer, university presses and government agencies.

Inspec database offers access to Inspec Analytics, a dynamic new research intelligence tool based on the IET’s Inspec database. Using semantic enrichment, Inspec Analytics enables research professionals to explore beyond the literature in Inspec to identify and compare research trends across thousands of organizations and scientific concepts at both local and global levels. With these insights, users can set the direction for their research outputs and monitor their impact.