Adding ORCID iD in eLABa Repository

Important | 2023-11-20

Authors with an ORCID identifier can now add it to the eLABa repository in their user profile.

After logging into the eLABa repository with your eLABa repository user and password, select the menu item “My profile”. Then select “Add ORCID iD” in the „Common identifiers“ block and log in with one of the available login methods. In the form that appears, select “Authorize access” to transfer your ORCID iD to the eLABa repository. Once you have authorised access, you will be returned to the “My Profile” window of the eLABa repository, where you will be able to see your imported ORCID iD. After making the changes, it is necessary to save the profile information in the eLABa repository, and it is recommended to close all browser windows when you have finished your work.

In the eLABa repository, the ORCID iD is an active link. It will redirect you to the user’s ORCID profile.

If you have any questions about adding an ORCID iD to the eLABa repository, please contact the Research Information Services at KTU Library,  email:, phone +370 373 00652.

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