Exposition of clothes collection “Postprodukcija” by Renata Heredia


Clothes collection “Postprodukcija” by Renata Heredia (Vilnius Academy of Arts) will be on display in KTU Mechanical Engineering and Design library until 22nd of February.

The main goal of clothes collection “Postprodukcija” by Renata Heredia is to integrate a piece of clothing into authentic context searching for harmony among a piece of clothing, person’s-individuality and his surroundings. In this way author moves away from fashion photography criteria, seeking maximum certainty, authenticity and getting closer to documentary photography while at the same time creating fiction by not avoiding posing and natural imitation.

Author designs clothes by creating them from clothes – pieces of clothes and patches are incorporated into creative process including other people, paintings on fabric, sewing or redesigning old clothes with some kind of emotional tension it creates histories which could be extended by wearing them and integrating into environment and lifestyle. Renata Heradia was always interested in apparel as well as the body itself and it’s relation to personality and a piece of clothing.

January 22 d., 2019 - February 22 d., 2019

Mechanical Engineering and Design Library, Studentų st. 56

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