Newly Received Books

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2021 April

FARAG, Mahmoud M.
Materials and process selection for engineering design

GUO, Song Guo, et al.
Cyber-physical systems: Architecture, security and application

LARRARD, Francois de and Horacio COLINA
Concrete recycling: Research and Practic

Kotler, P., Kartajaya, H., & Setiawan, I.
Marketing 5.0: Technology for humanity

MOZAFARI, M., Farshid SEFAT and Anthony ATALA, eds.
Handbook of tissue engineering scaffold

Koepsell, D.
Scientific integrity and research ethics

Hasse, C.
Posthumanist learning: What robots and cyborgs teach us about being ultra-social

Manufacturing techniques for materials: engineering and engineered


Personalized nutrition as medical therapy for high-risk diseases

Clifton, C., & Dunek, L.
Cultivating inguiry

Buchanan, D. A., & Huczynski, A. A.
Organizational behaviour

Hooley,G., Nicoulaud, B., Rudd, J., & Lee, N.
Marketing strategy and competitive positioning


2021 March

RAYMOND, Janice L. and Kelly MORROW
Krause and Mahan’s food & the nutrition care process

KOK, Frans, Laura BOUWMAN and Frank DESIERE, eds.
Personalized nutrition: principles and applications

Biel, Ł., Engberg, J., Ruano, M. R. M., & Sosoni, V. (Eds.)
Research methods in legal translation and interpreting: crossing methodological boundari

ZHANG, Nailong
A tour of data science: learn R and Python in parallel

VAN HORN, Linda and Judith A. BETO, eds.
Research: successful approaches in nutrition and dietetics


2021 February

JANSEN, Stefan
Machine learning for algorithmic trading: predictive models to extract signals from market and alternative data for systematic trading strategies with Python

ANAND, Ramanathan, Dharmalingam BABU and Vinoth THANGARASU
Advances in clean energy: production and application

Network security strategies: protect your network and enterprise against advanced cybersecurity attacks and threats

ROCAMORA, Agnès and Anneke SMELIK, eds.
Thinking through fashion: a guide to key theorist

Profiling humans from their voice


2021 January

Díaz-Cintas, J. & Remael, A.
Subtitling concepts and practices

Olohan, M.
Translation and practice theory

BOWMAN, Charles F. and Seth N. BOWMAN
Thermal engineering of nuclear power stations: balance of plant systems

Wright, M., Ketchen, D. J., & Clark, T. (Eds.)
How to get published in the best management journals

Komorowski, M., & Picone, I. (Eds.)
Creative cluster development: governance, place-making and entrepreneurship

SILBERSTEIN, Eugene, Jason OBRZUT, John A. TOMCZYK, William M. JOHNSON and William C. Whitman
Refrigeration & air conditioning technology

oponen, M., Mossop, B., Robert, I. S., & Scocchera, G. (Eds.)
Translation revision and post-editing: industry practices and cognitive processes

GRANET, Irving, Jorge Luis ALVARADO and Maurice BLUESTEIN
Thermodynamics and heat power

GIFT, Noah, Kennedy BEHRMAN, Alfredo DEZA and Grig GHEORGHIU
Python for DevOps: learn ruthlessly effective automation

Science research writing: for native and non-native speakers of English


2020 December

Athanasopoulos, H. K.

EU Migration management and the social purpose of European integration.



Persily, N., & Tucker, J.
Social media and democracy: the state of the field, prospects for reform.


Heinze, A., Fletcher, G., Rashid, T., & Cruz, A.

Digital and social media marketing: a results-driven approach.


Athanasopoulos, H. K.
EU Migration management and the social purpose of European integration.


PRESSMAN, Roger S. & Bruce R., MAXIM.
Software engineering: a practitioner’s approach.


The physics of graphene.

Bendle, N. T., Farris, P. W., Pfeifer, P. E., & Reibstein
Marketing metrics: the manager’s guide to measuring marketing performance


Tenbrink, T.
Cognitive discourse analysis: an introduction.



Johnson, M. A., & Ghuman, P.

Blindsight: the (mostly) hidden ways marketing reshapes our brains.



Gronwald, K.D.
Integrated business information systems a holistic view of the linked business process chain ERP-SCM-CRM-BI-Big Data

Davidson, W.
Financial statement analysis: basis for management advice.

Eikelmann, N.
Value based performance measures: theoretical evaluation and empirical analysis of their application and value relevance on a European level.

KELLEHER, John D., Brian MAC NAMEE & Aoife D’ARCY.
Fundamentals of machine learning for predictive data analytics: algorithms, worked examples, and case studies.

Chaffey, D. & Ellis-Chadwick, F.
Digital marketing: strategy, implementation, and practice

CASHMAN, Pat M. and Martin PREENE.
Groundwater lowering in construction: a practical guide to dewatering.

Liao, S. M.
Ethics of artificial intelligence.

SINHA, Jyoti K.
Industrial approaches in vibration-based condition monitoring.

Beaumont, P. H.
Digital finance: big data, start-ups, and the future of financial services.

The practice of engineering dynamics.

PERRY, Michael L.
The art of immutable architecture : theory and practice of data management in distributed systems.


2020 November

GOUNDAR, Sam, S. Bharath BHUSHAN and Praveen Kumar RAYANI.
Architecture and security issues in fog computing applications.




THAKUR, Kutub and Al-Sakib Khan PATHAN.

Cybersecurity fundamentals: a real-world perspective.


Wade, M. R., Macaulay, J., Noronha, A. and Barbier, J.
Orchestrating transformation: how to deliver winning performance with a connected approach to change.



Perloff, Richard M.
The dynamics of political communication: media and politics in a digital age


CHAUBEY, Nirbhay Kumar and Bhavesh B. PRAJAPATI.
Quantum cryptography and the future of cyber security.


CHANG, Hsia-Ching and Suliman HAWAMDEH, eds.
Cybersecurity for information professionals: concepts and applications.




Chernev, A.
Strategic marketing management: the framework


Schmohl, S., Schenk, B.-M., Bleiner, S., Wirtz, M. and Glaser, J.
Akademie Deutsch B1+: Intensivlehrwerk mit Audios online.




ÖZGÖREN, M. Kemal.
Kinematics of general spatial mechanical systems.



ALLEN, Joseph G. and John D. MACOMBER.
Healthy buildings: how indoor spaces drive performance and productivity.




Semantic modeling for data: avoiding pitfalls and breaking dilemmas.




CIESLA, Robert.
Encryption for organizations and individuals: basics of contemporary and quantum cryptography.


MARTIN, Keith.
Cryptography: the key to digital security, how it works, and why it matters.



JAISWAL, Amit K., ed.
Nutritional composition and antioxidant properties of fruits and vegetables.


Kumar, K. Nirmal Ravi.



Apaza, Carmen R. & Chang, Yongjin. (Eds.)
What makes effective whistleblowing : global comparative studies from the public and private sector



Howley, A., Faiella, C. M., Kroeger, S. D. and Hansen, B. (Eds.)
Inclusive education: a systematic perspective.



AI With Python: The beginners guide.


BRAY, Shannon W.
Implementing cryptography using Python.


WEBSTER, John G. and Amit J. NIMUNKAR, ed.
Medical instrumentation: application and design.


SLINKO, Arkadii.
Algebra for applications: cryptography, secret sharing, error-correcting, fingerprinting, compression.


Artificial intelligence ethics and international law: an introduction.



BOYD, Colin, Anish MATHURIA and Douglas STEBILA.
Protocols for authentication and key establishment.



Computer security and the internet: tools and jewels.


MARTIN, Keith.
Cryptography: the key to digital security, how it works, and why it matters.


HE, Bin
Neural Engineering

Gorzelak, G.
Social and economic development in Central and Eastern Europe : stability and change after 1990.

Chemistry and biochemistry of food.

VARDOULI, Theodora and Olga TOULOUMI, eds.
Computer architectures: constructing the common ground

DILORENZO, Daniel J. and Joseph D. BRONZINO, eds.

GORJIAN, Shiva and Ashish SHUKLA, eds.
Photovoltaic solar energy conversion: technologies applications and environmental impacts.

Cooper, Donald R.
Business research: a guide to planning, conducting, and reporting your study.

WEBB, Colin and Maria R. KOSSEVA, eds.
Food industry wastes: assessment and recuperation of commodities.

Chaffey, D. & Ellis-Chadwick, F.
Digital marketing: strategy, implementation, and practice

Pjero, E., Vrontis, D. & Thrassou, A.
Measuring marketing and brand communications performance: a developing European country perspective.

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